Mr. Shripal Aggarwal, B.E. (Civil) brings aboard three decades of invaluable experience to Shivalaya. He has an omnipotent presence at Shivalaya and is truly the driving force behind our success. Having undertaken multiple prestigious projects all across, he adds immeasurable knowledge and an infinite calm – hallmarks of a truly great leader. He interacts with members across all departments at Shivalaya – be it taking an active interest in our finances, to helping out the young engineers who seek his timely advice. Such an immersive involvement is the cornerstone of his greatness and humility. Mr. Aggarwal oversees the entire functioning of Shivalaya from the Head Office situated in Delhi.


Mr. Satish Nandal, having more than 31 years of experience in Civil Engineering oversees for construction of Building works. The company has successfully accomplished the completion of impressive projects for CPWD and various other departments in the State of Haryana & Uttrakhand under the guidance of Mr. Nandal - ensuring continuous success for years on end. Highly prestigious endeavors are underway at Uttrakhand and Haryana, this hopefully will ensure that Shivalaya has well and truly arrived as one of the emerging player in India.


Mr. Pradeep Nandal has been contributing for nearly 27 years, overseeing multiple projects in various states. Mr. Nandal also monitors them as they approach various stages of completion. Mr. Nandal and his team ensure the timely execution of the same. Earnest efforts & restless supervision undertaken by the team has ensured a seamless flow of construction & execution. A flag bearer for all the values that Shivalaya stands for, Mr. Nandal is responsible for the goodwill and high customer appreciation that Shivalaya commands all over.


Mr. Sahil Aggarwal is B.Tech (Civil) and Master’s in Finance. He is looking after the finance and accounts of the company, able to offer innovative & cost-effective suggestions from time to time helping the company in faster and efficient implementation. He is responsible for redrawing company’s financial strategy and expanding footprints pan India as well as other markets. He is simultaneously involved in project execution in multiple states. He is also interacting with a number of key client executives for improved deliveries and synergies.


Mr. Sumit Nandal is another director of the company who is well qualified being B.Tech (Civil) and has diverse experience to his credit. He is actively involved in business development for new ventures and keeps a watchful eye towards the overall performance for the business promotion and achievement of the targets fixed. He also gets fully involved in initial take-off stage of different projects and also oversees different sites work to give valuable suggestions and guidance from time to time to other senior team leads in completion of the tasks.