Our Sectors

Roads & Highways

Our mainstay and key competence. Includes trailblazing success stories in multiple projects. Expertise at all levels.


A focus area since inception of company. Replicable success template with high quality construction.


Shivalaya services reflect our clients need for responsive and cost-efficient solutions, with a company-wide focus on safety and quality. Shivalaya has been a premier organization for providing construction services to the client throughout India.

We manage construction projects with a proven record of delivering in challenging environments. We provide construction services to state and central government agencies, with clients from educational institutions, transportation authorities and defence organizations.

We carry out construction on extremely rough terrains ranging from Himalayas to North East of India, mapping to Central India. Shivalaya’s core business goal is to deliver projects and services on-time and in-budget so that our clients can concentrate on their missions.